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About Us

Who are we?

We are part of the leading CCM Garage Group, a local collection of garages with sites in Cranleigh, Ewhurst and Gatwick. Our specialist services have put us ahead of other independent garages as we have the skills to complete a wider range of tasks and repairs.

We opened our first garage way back in Ewhurst in the early nineties, and we have been the trusted, go to location for many locals in the Surrey and Sussex areas. Currently, we employ 26 technicians, MOT testers and mechanics alongside a brilliant support team allowing us to service and maintain all makes and models of cars and commercial vehicles. We also work with other local garages with our specialist services.

After 30 years of experience, skills development and investment, we now have the knowledge and tools necessary to complete any tasks, from a simple bulb change to a full engine rebuild.


Why Choose Us?

✔ Trusted local garage group

✔ Latest diagnostic equipment

✔ Save over £57 as a Gold member

✔ Skills & knowledge of 26 lifetime professionals

Our Mission

At CCM, our mission is to put our customers experience first which is why we created the Gold MOT service. We surveyed our customers to see what the pain points are with getting an MOT, and using this data we have created a service to make the whole process more streamlined and easier to fit into the busy schedules that modern life demands.

Customers who sign up to this premium MOT service will quickly see the difference. Click apply now to be automatically signed up!

Our values

 Attitude: We always strive to be polite and welcoming to anyone who walks through our doors or picks up the phone to us. We take responsibility for our actions and understand that we are accountable for what we do

Communication: Modern life has given us multiple ways to contact you, so please don’t be shocked when we ask for all your contact details. This is so we can ensure that we are able to reach you as quickly as possible.

Customer Excellence: We take great pride in being able to go above and beyond customer expectations. We keep communication clear between ourselves and the customer to guarantee the best solution to every scenario.

Efficiency: We plan and prioritise our workload to ensure we have the right team members available for each job. We work together as a team to ensure we are all striving for the highest quality service.

Honesty: Garages can sometimes be seen as dishonest; however, this is something we never are. We are true to ourselves and our customers and understand that sometimes, mistakes can happen. We will hold our hands up to any issues that occur and make sure to learn from them.

Image: Keeping ourselves and workplace tidy ensures that we are ready for any job that comes in, and that we are working in a safe environment. We take pride in ourselves and in our workshop.

Knowledge: Regular training and skills development is a must for us, and something our technicians enjoy doing. This allows us to always be at the forefront of the latest practices which in turns gives us the chance to provide a better service to our customers.

Reliable: We always make it clear what we are able to achieve. If we can’t do the work, we’ll let you know straight away. We make sure we can always deliver on our promises.

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