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Having worked in the motor trade for about 30 years now, we feel that we know MOTs pretty much inside out from the mechanics perspective. But, that’s completely different to how customers see them.

We knew we wanted to provide a high-end MOT service, but just to make sure we totally knew what we were doing we surveyed as many of our customers as possible to find out what their pain points were with MOTs. Using this information, we have been able to launch a customer-centric MOT experience. Something that we think is exclusive to us in the Sussex and Surrey areas.

The Survey

 It’s all well and good having a great idea – but you need to make sure you have the numbers available to back this up. We knew we wanted to improve the whole MOT experience, but we needed to hear it from the customers mouth. What issues do you have? What winds you up the most? What could we do to make the whole experience easier for you? These are just some of the questions we posed them.

The results were clear and these are the main issues we found customers facing:

  • Time consuming and a hassle
  • Expensive and worry of unexpected costs
  • Lack of understanding
  • Loss of car for unknown time period

Seeing these results did make us sad, but we knew we could find a way to fix this.

Time consuming and a hassle

 Most people are faced with two options: leave home early to get your car to the garage before work and then panic about what the time will be when you eventually get into work. Or alternatively, you can take the morning off work for the MOT, and then hope and pray that it is done in time. But we have to agree, that doesn’t seem like a fun way to use up one of your precious holiday days.

As a Gold MOT member, you won’t need to worry about this. We can come and collect your vehicle from your work or home, and then return it to you once its done. You barely have to lift a finger! Just hand us the keys and we’ll be on our way.  And if that isn’t suitable for you then don’t worry, we have a fleet of loan cars ready to go. We would usually charge customers for loan cars and collections and drop offs but not as a Gold Member – these are just some of the benefits included in this unique membership.

Expensive and worry of unexpected costs

As an MOT Gold Member, it’s a simple price of £71. That may seem steep but don’t forget that you get all this included

That’s a saving of £57 straight away! 

✔ Loan car - £16.50 + VAT per day

✔ 10-point engine check - £12.95 + VAT

✔ Fluid levels check and top up - £18.25 + VAT

✔ Collection from your home or office - £9.85 + VAT

If your car does need any extra work performed to ensure it passes its MOT don’t worry. We never start works without contacting you for your approval first, and our team of skilled technicians mean we can do most jobs in house which saves you time and more expense looking for another garage. We can even beat the main dealers on most prices too.

Lack of understanding

It’s incredibly easy to get lost in mechanics – there’s so much to know and with new cars, the technology involved has rapidly grown meaning it can be hard to keep up with the latest specifications. We understand that, which is why we are more than happy to go into more detail with you so  you can completely understand what we are saying. Our friendly team live and breathe mechanics, but we know that not everyone else does. Luckily, we’ve had years of practising explaining technical terms, in a way that can be clearly understood.  Please don’t hesitate to ask more questions. The more you know about your car, the better you can care for it!

We also include a handy welcome pack with your Gold membership, explaining exactly what we will be checking, and why this is important.


Loss of car for unknown time period

This can be the biggest pain point for some people, especially those who need their car to be available to them at any given moment. Because of this, we have made sure that our Gold members don’t feel stuck in the mud, with the option for a free loan car to tide you over for as long as you need. You can keep our car, for as long as we have yours!

Because we are part of the CCM Garage Group, we have a large team of skilled technicians at our disposal. This means that we are able to tackle most jobs quickly, without having to pass you onto another garage.

We hope reading this has given you an understanding of how customer focussed we are here. If you need to speak to us about anything, please click here.


We hope to have you signed up as a Gold member soon!


Thanks for reading,

The Gold MOT team